The hydrangea is one of the most popular garden plants in our country and, of course, its abundant flowering is an important reason for this. A hydrangea which does well in the garden can also grow considerably and if you do not want to prune much, it may be necessary to transplant or move a large hydrangea. This is possible but you have to follow some rules.

Moving hydrangeas in the spring
The best time to move a hydrangea is in March or April. During this period, the root system of the plant is not yet really active. This is important because hydrangeas have a sensitive root system which will certainly be damaged if they are moved. If you move your hydrangea in March or April, try to do as little damage to the roots as possible. The plant still has time to recover in the coming months. In some cases it is wise to prune the plant as well, so that there is a better balance between the number of roots and branches.

Pruning is done for example for the Annabelle hydrangea. This plant is most common in gardens in the Netherlands. You can recognise Annabelle Hydrangea by its large white, globular flowers. The Oakleaf Hydrangea also has white flowers, but its leaves look more like an oak leaf. This more rare plant can also be recognised by the beautiful autumn colours of its leaves. You should not prune the Oakleaf Hydrangea after it has been relocated.

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